School and senior pictures by professional NY portrait  photographers
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Schedule an appointment with one of our staff professional portrait photographers in order to get long-lasting high quality unique pictures for the
yearbook and to frame and for the luxury  Album.

If you have to save money on setup and session fees (about just $350 for individual senior portrait or family session) or are simply not in the mood to buy
tuxedos, drapes, pearls, gowns and bow ties,  we recommend that you ask your school senior advisor to  
schedule a school graduation and
senior picture day

You will not get glamour portraits and
photographer will be able to give you about 15 minutes of his time instead of 2-3 hour session and just 2 or 3 changes of
close and make up but  still you will get senior pictures at affordable
elementary school prices. FREE proofs on professional grade paper and a lifelong
opportunity to order extra prints or even a DVD with your pictures.

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